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well I’ve been to broke to actually go out and buy fifa 10, so I’ve done the next best thing of playing the demo endlessly and watching a gratuitous amount of really good ads and clips from it..yea fuck it im a dweeb when it comes to that game. Nonetheless, this ad I thought was really funny, especially for people who play soccer and know these major names. Peep it:


So after 3 weeks of craziness I finally finshed my Nike sport pictures. I worked with two other students on the project, and we had to conceptualize, photograph, and design an ad campaign, I’m pretty pumped off of it…so here they are:

Although it’s a work in progress still I made a book of a series ive been workin on for a couple of months now. I’ve been documenting the group of friends I’ve been playing soccer with since I got to RIT…no need for an artist statement at this point, just check it out. It’s missing the last couple of images because its just a sample to the book apparently, but you get the idea. The image is the link: